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Veena Vibrations

New album of Nivedita ShivRaj -- Melodious tunes on the veena for meditating minds!

Relax. Meditate. Practice Yoga. Traverse across the inner self.

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This new album, containing melodious instrumental music of veena, sets an inspiring ambience to relax meditate, practice yoga or simply to traverse across the inner self. The three extended-playing tracks in the album, have been specially composed to accompany and enjoy the transcendental state of mind. The music, based on carnatic ragas of India, were created and rendered on veena by Nivedita ShivRaj. The ancient multi-string instrument veena produces melodic curves, just like a gifted human voice, and is a perfect instrument to play enchanting and elaborate gamakams (musical curves).

Nivedita ShivRaj,an accomplished carnatic music professional with long years of years of experience, is a talented veena artiste. She presents veena & vocal concerts & workshops, composes original music and actively participates in cross-genre music productions. She is a great music teacher and offers inspiring music lessons to her disciples in the USA, Europe, Australia, India and other countries. Nivedita has achieved many awards and recognitions in her music career.

(Did you know that the Ravana, the king of Lanka and a main character in the great Indian epic Ramayana (500 BC), was a versatile musician and veena player?)

This album contains...

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1. The Introspection (Raga: Bowli, 26 mins) (Click here to listen to a part.)

2. The Inner Faith (Raga: Revathy, 19 mins) (Click here to listen to a part.)

3. The Illumination (Raga: Hamsanadham, 15 mins) (Click here to listen to a part.)

How to buy?

You may call 917-515-9164 any time to place an order for Veena Vibrations CD. Or click here to download the order form of RagaChitra Foundation to place an order. (MasterCard, Visa, Amex cards are accepted.)

Nivedita ShivRaj: Veena Vibrations

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