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Some audio files of Nivedita

Nivedita ShivRaj actively works on new productions of both vocal and instrumental music. She blends the lively classical music with the reverberating contemporary rhythms and digital music to create an exotic style of music.

Click on the music files below to listen to some of Nivedita's productions:

Rain Dance -- A premier of a forthcoming album

Rain Dance - veena - audio (mp3)

Day Break -- A premier of a forthcoming album

Day Break - veena - audio (mp3)

Thamboori Meetidava

Thamboori - vocal - audio (mp3)

Veena Rhythms

Veena Rhythms - instrumental - audio (mp3)

Ayiram Kann (We need 1000 eyes! -- Tamil folk song)

Ayiram Kann Instrumental audio (mp3)

Paalum Theli Thenum

Paalum - vocal - audio (mp3)

Engalathu Bharatham (Our India - Tamil)

Engalathu Bharatham - Tamil Vocal - audio (mp3)

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